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Making new player model in Unreal Engine
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Making new player model in Unreal Engine
In this article you may find 10 step instruction of new player model import to Killing Floor.

1. Open model and prepare it for work.
So we find 3Ds Max model file at the internet and want to import it in Killing Floor. E.g. Dante from Devil May Cry. Firstly you should open 3Ds Max file and prepare it for work. It needs to texture model and optimize its polygon quantity. How to texture model I write this articleabout. The difference is that model have more then one texture.
Polygon quantity optimization needs for keeping game performance. High detailed model may overload game engine or just not be imported. Right model polygon quantity is about 7000 for Killing Floor. If new model has too much polygons it needs to reduce it using Pro Optimizer mesh modifier. Reduce model quality step-by-step then it gets about 7000. Pro Optimizer guide here.

2. Import to scene one of regular Killing Floor player model.
Read here about how to do this.
3. Scale and match new model to regular
Scale and match its positions accurately. If new model has skeleton you should set mesh in regular position right away.

4. Delete regular model and match skeleton to new one.
Delete regular mesh and leave skeleton only, you should delete new skeleton as well. Then using rotate tool only you should match regular skeleton so that bones are inside body mesh parts. It may needs to additional scaling for model body parts. You must make no scaling or moving with skeleton bones! After matching it needs to save scene to separate file.

5. Making preliminary bones binding.
Apply Skin modifier to model and add all bones to it.

6. Check binding quality.
Open ActorXImporter as write here and use Restore Bindpose button on Tools tab. After that model turns to initial position. If some model parts turns to uncommon position (e.g. fingers stick together or limbs bend) you should back to step 4 file and improve skeleton position or back to step 5 and tune bones weigth at Evenlope node of Skin modifier. As soon as you remove bugs you may go to next step.
7. Import regular model again.
As on step 2. You should choose low detailed model better.
8. Attach regular model to new one.

9. Delete regular model.
Delete regular mesh parts from models merging.
10. Export new model with skeleton.
You may read how to here.

That’s all. It only needs to make texture baking and model ready to game test. About texture baking you may read in one of my futher articles.

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